White Supremacist Ideology Influences Ontario Math Curriculum: Outcome is Inferior Mathematics.

Sunil Singh
5 min readJul 15, 2021


In case you don’t live in the Province of Ontario, you might not be aware of the fact that a seismic event happened(which was intended to be anything but) a few days ago when this passage from the new Ontario Math Curriculum was…removed.

Removed(it deserves its own sentence and paragraph, with italicization).

It wasn’t removed because of its inaccuracy, but rather because of its accuracy. A dysfunctional band of politicians and journalists — who only have enough mathematics between them to do a question like 1001–783 with long subtraction on a slate with chalk — somehow decided they were qualified enough(read white and entitled enough) to chime in and influence the caricature of spineless duplicity known as Stephen Lecce, Ontario’s Minister of Education.

If he’s qualified to hold that position, then I ask anyone who went to school to apply for that position when it comes up. Apparently the qualifications are very few — except that you only show minor discomfort when you lie to the teachers of Ontario.

God. Why I am being so polite. These white males are racist. And, as such, they will do anything, including gaslighting, to let you know they are not. They don’t like the label, but they sure love the entitlement, privilege, and power that it comes with.

What also comes with it is a complete, boastful ignorance of mathematics. Like I said, none of them would ever be confused with being a mathematician(pretty sure all of them would beat their chest as who is the fastest at long division), but they do react like scared dogs in a thunderstorm to any math education reform that has words like equity and anti-racism.

Here is the elevator conversation for these morons(as their attention span and interest in finding the truth is a few seconds).

Anti-racist math education is better content and pedagogy.

Thanks to the “superior” mathematics of the West, children do a question like 1 subtract 2 five years after doing a question like 2 subtract 1. Pretty sure these guys would have to watch this video a hundred times to attain only a mild level of confusion as to the mathematics going on in this video. Pretty sure they didn’t even think that complex mathematics comes from Africa.

(Pretty sure they are still borrowing in that question 1001–783…)

Maybe I should have started with an easier topic like fractals. I’m joking. Even though fractal representation is throughout their bodies, they would need Siri to get the definition of one first. But, they would probably ask this one before.

“Hey Siri…What’s 1001–783”

You see, anti-racist math education is actually the inclusion of rather complex mathematics that was missing because…ummmm…you know…mathematics has been racist. White guys were calling the shots and white guys were only attributing mathematics to other white guys. That kind of changed thirty years ago with this ground breaking book. By the way, I don’t recommend the book to these white supremacists because it will put a severe, sober, factual dent into their unicorn ideology.

But, people like Jonathan Kay are the illiterate of the future.

Racism bothers me on many levels, but it reaches a whole new level of anger when it drags in the carcass of inferior mathematical ideas from the 20th century and props them up with the currency of Weekend at Bernie’s 2.

Sure, I would love to debate these folks. But, only on the promise it’s in a large public forum where I can embarrass their ignorance and lack of knowledge to hundreds, and scare them so badly that they go back into their tiny white supremacist holes and continue writing about anything but mathematics in the 21st century. Anti-Vaccination still needs your attention, lads.

There are many amazing districts like St. Louis Park in Minnesota which have put into action long term plans — because lots of time is needed — to implement anti-racist math education that is culturally responsive for the simple reason that it is superior mathematics.

You want to don an invisible white hood in your craft/position? Okay. My recommendation would be to steer clear of talking about mathematics. But, your interest is not finding the truth. Your interest is holding the truth at whatever costs. Well the cost just came in — you all look like the shining morons of journalism/politics that you are.

Oh that 1001–783 question? Simply subtract 2 from both numbers, keeping the gap intact, but creating an easier question — 999 subtract 781 = 218.

One last thing. In my next math book, I pay homage to Anthony Bourdain. He would like to say something.



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