Sonic Seducer: My Next Book

Sunil Singh
4 min readDec 16, 2021

2021. My third math book came out. Every thought, emotion, and story that I needed to share about the world of mathematics through writing had been done. I wasn’t sad. I was excited. I felt this beautiful energy which had been inside of me for the last 5 years, depart with jubilatory closure.

Not ironically, the gestation period of the book that my soul has quietly ached over had finished — 40 years.

40 years of listening to music that has been centered by rock and roll from the beginning.

The book at its essence is about extracting all of the human emotions that are sonically highlighted in fleeting seconds of a song or a concert performance. The task of this book is to find and share hundreds of them that I have experienced — some which will be completely unique to me — and weave them together to create a tapestry of rock and roll that celebrates and illuminates every thought/desire/reflection we can have.

This book will constantly err on the side of romanticizing it all — in mere seconds.

Each chapter title is not only a favorite song, but it sketches out a larger idea of rock and roll that will unfold organically. There will be a balance of the unfamiliar/familiar and comfortable/uncomfortable. The connecting theme of each chapter is that rock and roll is your unvarnished guide to finding your fuckin edges in things like love, hope, fear, anger, and joy.

The universe of rock and roll is vast and it is our sum, curious, and fearless experience that we have with it makes us lust for life without compromise.

Here is a complete mixed bag of images and artists that literally and figuratively tell you how I hope you experience Sonic Seducer.

Exile on Main Street Recording Sessions
The Bellrays
The Allman Brothers
Zen Guerilla
James Gang
Dave Wyndorf, Monster Magnet
Elton John
Colour Haze
Ann and Nancy Wilson
Fu Manchu
Fleetwood Mac
Samantha Fish
Pink Floyd at Pompeii
All Them Witches
The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust
Game and Life Changing Album
Atomic Rooster
Max Webster
Emma Ruth Rundle
Bad Brains
James Marshall Hendrix

Images and artists like these are to be connected with 50000 words or so. It makes sense to me. Hopefully, it will make sense to you — in 2023:)