My Final Math Book Is A Magical Dream of Infinite Possibilities

Sunil Singh
4 min readDec 14, 2023

There was nothing left to write for me in terms of mathematics after “Chasing Rabbits: A Curious Guide To A Lifetime of Mathematics”.

Chasing is infinite and how can you top the idea of mathematics giving you a lifetime of wellness? Right? I was plenty satisfied.

And then fate intervened on August 15, 2023. I received a message from someone named Atticus Lyon asking me if I would be interested in doing a math summer camp in Sardinia in 2024. He had read my first book, Pi of Life: The Hidden Happiness of Mathematics, and loved it.

Have you ever seen what Sardinia looks like? I had no clue.

Now, my first instinct was “this can’t be true”.

We eventually got on a video call, and sure enough, he was a real person. A real person who was calling from Sardinia.

My first instinct seemed to be in incorrect, but I wasn’t ready to set sails to Sardinia just yet. When Atticus came back to his home in Washington D.C., he asked me if I would like to work with his daughter, Amoret. She was turning 8 in October.

I instinctively said “yes”, even though I had stopped tutoring years ago. But, I never had a chance to work with someone so young — and be given absolute freedom to teach whatever I want. So, it was an easy decision — as it was entering the complete unknown.

Little did I know how BIG of an unknown was around the corner…

I suggested to Atticus that both Amoret and I keep journals and write/doodle anything our collective hearts lets us. After a few weeks, something wonderfully tugged at my author soul.

I began to see the possibility of another math book — coauthored with Amoret Lyon.

We have met 32 times since early September. And 32 times in which Amoret had no idea that I had proposed a book idea to her father. I didn’t want to tell her, because I wanted the early months to be not “burdened” by writing a book. I wanted our relationship and the math that we learned in the beginning to be organic as possible

Also brewing in the background was much interest in sponsoring this unique journey/project. Moleskine — makers of beautiful journals and other writing-associated products — became the first sponsor of the book.

They also made personalized, leather backpacks for Amoret and myself — which we formally received at their New York office on Dec 12.

You should have seen the look on BOTH of our faces! But, hang on…I have skipped ahead. The biggest surprise was the day before, when I asked Amoret — at The Museum of Mathematics — if she would like to write a math book with me. Her answer?


That’s it. That was the answer I heard, but inside her was an excitement and honor that she would privately communicate to her father much later.

For now it was a cute, kid-friendly, “sure”. She then asked me if I would like to go for Boba with foam cheese. I could not have asked for a better answer — cool, non-plussed with Boba on her mind.

Later that night, there was going to be a party. The intention was to put up a poster of the mock cover on the door of the apartment. However, Atticus said that in no way would Amoret let you do that if you also didn’t explain how charities were going to be set up in Italy and India to help underprivileged girls learn mathematics.

Amoret also added that she was going to donate her proceeds from the book to the poor. Yes. We are dealing with a remarkable child of unfathomable consideration of others. However, with the book having aspirations beyond her, she in the end, refused for the poster to go up.

I immediately became even more excited about working/collaborating with my co-author.

Not only is Moleskine going to be a supporter, they also directed me to a non-profit organization in India that will be able to help in our initiatives. They are not the only sponsors/supporters.

So is eGlass and Microsoft Garage.

In four extremely short months of one implausible event after another, Amoret and I have officially begun our writing journey. The hope is for the book to come out in 2026.

There is one final reflection that I need to share — that came via my sister. She noticed that in Chasing Rabbits, the girl was a silhouette. Now, that girl has taken on form of a real human being.

She is Amoret.

She is in Wonderland.

And, so am I…