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  • Junaid Mubeen

    Junaid Mubeen

    Mathematics. Education. Innovation. Views my own.

  • BrainQuake


    Developing children’s true math proficiency

  • Maxie Winick

    Maxie Winick

    Aspiring entrepreneur. Trying to navigate the 9–5 grind.

  • Erin Lynn Raab, Ph.D.

    Erin Lynn Raab, Ph.D.

    Solving systemic problems to create a more just, loving world. Transforming education for human flourishing and thriving democracy. Co-Founder @ REENVISIONED.

  • Hema Khodai

    Hema Khodai

  • Alessandro Butler

    Alessandro Butler

    Editor of The Startup (https://medium.com/swlh) + Curious (https://medium.com/curious) + Geek Culture (https://medium.com/geekculture)

  • Roxanne Desforges

    Roxanne Desforges

    Education Researcher | Founding Partner at www.pureandapplied.group

  • Chris McNutt

    Chris McNutt

    I'm an educator who wants to reimagine schools. Let's start a movement! Executive Director of Human Restoration Project.

  • Matthew Oldridge

    Matthew Oldridge

    Writing about creativity, books, productivity, education, particularly mathematics, music, and whatever else “catches my mind”. ~Thinking about things~

  • Gail Post, Ph.D.

    Gail Post, Ph.D.

    Licensed Psychologist, parenting coach, and writer, focusing on psychology, education, and policy. Learn more at www.GailPost.com and www.GiftedChallenges.com.

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