Everyone Says They “Love Math”, But Few Seem To Be Doing It.

Sunil Singh
3 min readMay 10, 2024


Over twenty years ago, Paul Lockhart started his “A Mathematician’s Lament” with a musician and painter awakening from their nightmares.

In 2024, the nightmares continue. I believe they have gotten worse — as mathematics has been coopted by industry leaders and edu-celebrities into procedural fixations that need optimized and codified delivery systems.

Whatever is being delivered is poor, synthetic polymer of mathematics.

I went to a Music conference the other day. Everyone there said how much they loved music. The latest technology in headphones/speakers were everywhere. You would not believe how crystal clear music sounds today. There were actually hot debates as to who makes the best headphones.

The bigger problem was that most kids don’t like music, and have negative identities with music. Many don’t believe they are are “music people”. Perhaps if they had better audio equipment, they would better appreciate music. Of course, not all schools can afford fancy equipment.

Meanwhile, there was another conference going on. It was the Food Conference. Everyone loves food! The latest cooking appliances and utensils were on full display. Cooking is so much easier today, ensuring almost anyone will love cooking. While the cooking technology was evident, it was strange to see that most of the stuff that was being cooked was frozen or canned — much of it looking like the same stuff people ate last century.

7 years ago, I wrote this. I am so demoralized by the situation, that I am not even interested in providing a link to that article. What else needs to be said?

We would be embarrassed if we talked about music and food — and our love for them — if actual content we listened to and what we ate didn’t come up in the conversation.

Somehow that embarrassment doesn’t exist in mathematics education. In fact, it’s the new norm. Maybe because we are listening to The Dave Matthews on repeat while eating frozen pizza.

So, I politely ask this:

Where the fuck did mathematics go?

Let me know when you find out…